Arthur Everett Morningkill

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Name:Arthur Everett Morningkill (NPC)

Deed Name: Screech of Falcon

Titles: Lord, Auspicial Alpha

Rank: Athro

Sept: Sept of the Red Moon Rising

Pack: Falcon's Reclamation

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Galliard

House: Wyrmfoe

Lodge: Sun

Stories: Raised in a tradional Silverfang Sept, Arthur excelled in utilizing traditions to manuever politically. From a young age, he showed a willingness and an aptitude for social sparring. His closest ally is a lupus known as Crushes Ivory Bones, who is seldom far from his side. The two of them, along with Banes Flee In Terror and Lara Minya have been together as a pack for many years. Together, they have traveled, working to reclaim lost Silverfang Septs, and to restore Silverfangs to power wherever possible.

In March of 2008, Falcon's Reclamation arrived on the bawn of the Sept of the Red Moon Rising. Arthur challenged the then Alpha, Steve Aaryn Puppy Addison over the territory within the city that was once a Silverfang Sept. Utilizing the Gifts of Falcon, Arthur forced Steve into submission, and was declared the victor. Within the moon, however, this decision was overturned by Grand Duke Christopher St. John as a dishonorable result. As consequence, Arthur was sentenced to remain on the Sept as one of its Guardians. Following the death of Brady Malloy, Arthur claimed the position of Alpha Galliard for the Sept as well. After several months of watching the Sept flounder, Arthur called for his own son to join him.

Alexander Morningkill, Arthur's son, responded to his father's call, and arrived on the Sept shortly there-after. Since then, Arthur has watched over his son protectively, guiding and aiding his efforts. Though both of them have developed a reputation for being rather condescending and arrogant (which they would say is well deserverd), their effectiveness is irrefutable. In April of 2009, Alexander was killed defending the Sept. Arthur mourns his son's death, and begrudgingly remains on Red Moon Rising's Sept.

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