Bites Back

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Name: Bites Back

Deed Name: Dog's Blood, Not To Be Caged

Titles: None Currently

Rank: Fostern

Sept: None Currently

Pack: Lion Mountain Sentai

Tribe: Red Talons

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Ahroun

Distinguishing Characteristics: Bites is a large muddy brown Red Talon with a reddish patch on her back, the not-true-red color of dried blood. (PBx2). Her throat is marked with deep scars, so badly damaged that the fur grows thin there. She never looks at ease, she carries herself in an aggressive posture as if she's expecting to be attacked at any moment. In her rare homid form she looks like a lean and muscular auburn-haired wild woman with a slight prominent brow. Most notably, she wears no clothes, just a leather wrap around her waist (it's not deerskin) and the body of a decapitated robin on a necklace. When she wants to dress up she paints herself with blood (again, I'll let you guess what kind).

Stories: (Excerpt from ‘The Tale of Bites Back') It wasn’t long before the Garou of a local sept heard from the spirits that someone had gone through a very bloody first change. They came, Winter’s Breath, who was the Alpha of the sept and a few of his packmates. What they found were decomposing humans, a dead pit bull and a crinos form Garou that had tried to squeeze itself into a dog kennel that was much too small for it.

Upon seeing them, a new bunch of humans in her ring, the Garou rushed out to fight them. Suddenly they changed shape, they were wolves like her. She skidded to a halt and stared, unsure what to do with this new information, she wasn’t sure she even knew what a wolf was anymore. What she did know was that they were on four legs, and her rage came back as she decided with new fury that they were just dogs in her ring. She flew into the Alpha, the biggest threat, but even in his smaller lupus form he knocked her back and held her down, standing over her. Submit, was what this posture said. The cub would have none of that. They grappled some more, with the other lupus watching in amusement. Again he pinned her. Submit. Again she did not.

For hours the two tussled, the cub would claw and bite at the lupus standing over her but he wouldn’t even flinch, he refused to even break her skin as he patiently waited for her to tire and obey.

Finally the cub was beaten, exhausted. Winter’s Breath held her down until he was sure the fight had gone out of her, and stood up.

'Well done', the strange wolf said in a new language that somehow the cub had known all of her life. 'You have a lot of fight in you. Come with us, we have things we need to explain.'

The other pack members began to filter out and the alpha turned, expecting the cub to follow. As soon as his back was turned, her anger flared back up and she rushed forward, biting him hard on the rump.

The other pack members seemed to laugh, even in their lupus forms, and that slight humiliation was enough to push Winter’s already strained patience over the edge. He beat the young cub like a red-headed stepchild, and then took her with him to his sept while she was knocked out. After that, since she had to be called something, she was known as Bites Back. It was later explained to Bites that her name could mean two things, either that she is violent and retaliates in anger when pushed, or that she bites when your back is turned, as in she is sneaky. Only a handful of Garou know the true story, that her name is actually short for ‘Bites Winter’s Backside’.

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