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Name: Cailin Donlan ni Fiona

Titles: Duchess of Evergreen, Marshall of the Mistral Host of the Kingdom of Northern Ice (Title 4) - Formerly known as the Prince of the Fomorian Green Court, Formerly Knight of House Scathach

Sept: Sept of the Broken Arrow, under Harrier (Formerly Sept of the Broken Spear)

Pack: Formerly Blaze of Glory, under Winter Wolf, until the Totem objected to her recent transformation...

Tribe: Cailin is Fianna Kin, in addition to being a Changeling

Kith: Sidhe

Garou Kin:

Faerie Kin:



Cailin is on the wrong side of 30, but she's a kind of motor oil stained beauty with plainly visible pointed elf ears. She generally wears heavy black boots, jeans, a black leather jacket, and a dark red and black keffiyeh. She's got a lot of scars, including a deep one from a blade that nearly took her head off, and large bite marks from an enormous dire wolf on her right arm just above the elbow.

Early Life

Cailin was born and raised among the Fianna Kin of the Sept of the Hidden Fells in the Boston area before the Sept of the Broken Spear at Devil's Hopyard State Park in Connecticut. Like most of the Kin at the Sept, she hoped that one day she would Change and join the Sept as a full-blooded Garou. As an adolescent, she did indeed undergo a life altering change - but not the one she was expecting.

Instead of undergoing the First Change, Cailin Chrysalised into a full blooded Faerie - a Sidhe of House Scathach.

Sept of the Broken Spear

Around 2009, Cailin joined the same Pack her brother was a member of: Cracks the Bone. She was accepted by Fenris, the Pack's Totem, and occupied a nebulous position - in some ways close to an Omega, due to her outlying position in Garou Society and relative weakness physically, but with the memories and wisdom of a dozen lifetimes and Faerie magic more powerful than most Garou really understood. When her Pack moved into the Sept of the Broken Spear permanently, she found herself returning home.

You Keep What You Kill

The Green Prince, July 2018

At Beltane 2017, Cailin came into conflict with the Fomorian Green Prince, and spent the next year preparing herself to face him.

In 2018, She was given the legendary Sword of Tethra by House Scathach, the favor of the Monarchs of Concordia, and became something of a champion to the Changelings of North America. With a host of Changeling, Garou, Fera and Mage allies, she stormed the undersea stronghold of the Green Prince, determined to do what no one had ever done before: defeat a Fomorian of the Green Court. She succeeded. But sometimes the price of victory is higher than anyone could have imagined, and so it was in this case. By slaying the Green Prince, Cailin was forced to take his place. While something of Cailin ni Scathach remained, she held the forces of the Green Court at bay, as long as she could.

Destiny Undone

In September of 2018, as Cailin prepared to say her final goodbyes and embrace her dark destiny, friends intervened. Ilya Tvrovich and Thalia Drakos lured her to an isolated spot on the shore of the Long Island Sound. Somehow, they had obtained the Sword of Tethra with which Cailin had struck down the Green Prince, and Ilya used it, in one perfect strike, to steal that power, just as she had done. Cailin was left, wounded, to watch as Ilya fell instantly to the madness of the Green Court.

House Fiona

Commanding an Army in the Winter War, 2019

Just around Samhain 2018, Cailin swore Fealty to the Faerie Queen of Northern Ice, Laurel ni Fiona in a public ceremony in Seattle, WA. She became a member of House Fiona. Shortly after, in the Spring of 2019, she led the Concordian army to victory over Queen Lir's Fomorian aligned forces in the Winter Weir, a frozen realm of the Dreaming. She is still occasionally seen in Connecticut, but more and more often in Seattle at Caer Skyspear.

Duchess of Evergreen


May 1, 2020, Cailin was invested as Duchess of Evergreen by Queen Laurel in the Kingdom of Northern Ice, and now resides in Seattle, WA.


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