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Name: Jacob "Jake" Wazowski

Deed Name: Guards The Secret Sin, Stormbreaker, Epione's Balm

Rank: Elder (Retired - Eerie Moon NPC)

Sept: Sept of the Crimson Twilight

Pack: Alpha of Foregone Conclusion, revering Granite

Tribe: Children of Gaia, serving as the Arm of the Goddess

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Of Interest: Beaky

Quote: "The cracks in my skin can prove, as years will testify."

Stories: Once asked a twelve year old Silent Strider to give him oral sex. In his defense, he was the Fool.

Is known to do things that he's not supposed to do. He went to England to retrieve that same Silent Strider who had gotten in over her head.

He lifted a tire over his head once. He is distantly related to Chef Boyardee. He is tough, but fair. He has never flipped a bad omelette. He is the six-time title holder for the "Who is Jacob Wazowski?" contest, ranging from 1991 - 1995 and again reclaiming the title in 2004.

He picked up a mate in England with a bucket full of lies and a wink. She promptly rejected him and made him wait a year before returning his phone calls. When asked if she would have his children, she agreed. She never asked how many, and was horrified to know that he had already signed up for his own Little League team.

Sometimes, he tries to carry the burdens of other people. This goes well for him and poorly for the people whose burdens he tries to carry. This is a lesson that he has learned in blood of late, and will likely not repeat. But lessons don't stick well to Jake Wazowski. He would rather claim that he's a bad student than refuse to help someone in need. It should be known that the phrase 'in need' is constantly under revision and could change at any time.

His Athro challenge has him being an Ahroun for three months. The experience of being multi-classed, as it was explained to him, was something of a shock and revelation. Now, he keeps quiet on the nature of being an Ahroun. There are rumors that he learned a sad truth about the Auspice, one that each Full-moon learns upon their First Change and never forgets. He does not speak of it, if it exists at all.

As an Elder, Jake was perhaps a little sick. Such thoughts were swiftly kiboshed by wiser people, and now he's quieter about himself and his capability. Rumors of his skill might far outstrip his personal ability. Or they might not. God only knows, and Jake is content in that fact. The day that something comes to his Sept, there will be a reckoning. Until then? You'll be lucky to get him out of the video store.

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