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Lotta [Charles Rex Fight Game - 2015]

The Basics


Deed Name: "Joke's on You"
Sept: Sept of Ancient Harvest
Pack: The Storm That Howls under Grandfather Thunder
Rank: Cliath
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Auspice: Philodox
Breed: Homid
Fetishes: Lotta has a long jagged electrical scar on her left arm that is occasionally endowed by Grandfather Thunder.
Contact: Lotta's Phone

Physical Description

Height: 170cm
Weight/Build: Surprising firm for her small size. Exceptionally fit.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue, covered by glasses
Apparent Age: 19
Veil Cover Up: Foreign Exchange Student

Further Details

Lotta is in her late teens. She speaks with a very thick accent that, if you know your linguistics, comes from the Uusimaa region in southern Finland. She does not strike most people initially as a walking stereotype of her homeland because she lacks the traditional blonde/blue eyed mix, but the moment one watches her mannerisms, her choices in conversation, and sees just how much coffee she drinks in a day, it's not too hard to guess where she was born and raised.
Relevant Traits: (Shadow Lord Pure Breed x 4, Commanding x 3, Intense x 3, Magnetic x 3, Intimidating x 2)
Relevant Merits: (Coldly Logical, Perfect Protocol)

Social Pleasantries

"Are you hear to talk about the litany or the weather? No? Then are you certain you have nothing better to do with your time?"





  • "Justice is something one has for all or on has for none. The moment I show leniency, the moment I give one falling snowflake president over the other, is the moment my authority under the half moon as a judge disappears. This isn't a matter of martyrdom or trying to mark myself as special. This is me reaffirming that I am subject to the same laws as everyone else."


Inspirations & Playlists


Lotta [Sept of Ancient Harvest Moon - Fall 2015]


home oma koti kullan kallis


friends rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä.


OOC Information

Player: Dora Jay
Location: Iowa.
STs: Fields of Rage
Other PCs: Milla Gajevski
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