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Name: David Monroe

Deed Name: Black Watch


Arm of the Goddess for the Midwest
Ambassador to the Ahadi
Pack Alpha

Medical Background:

Head of the Dept. of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
MD/PhD ChM MRCS NP FRCS Royal College of Surgeons of England

Military Background:

US Army 6th Calvalry
US Health Services Command
US Special Forces Command (Airborne)
Sergeant First Class
Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D)
Combat Medic

Rank: Elder

Sept: Sept of Knotted Waters

Pack: #1 with an EggRoll

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun


Many would see the combination of a Child of Gaia Ahroun an odd combination, but it is one that Monroe does not find conflict with. A doctor by profession, he is equally capable of healing all of Gaia's creations as he is of surgically removing them from the equation should he find them to be beyond redemption.

Understanding that each of Gaia's creations is as important as the next, he works relentlessly to try and unite the Changing Breeds once more. Understanding that the War of Rage will never be forgotten, nor should it be, with the future as bleak as it is, he believes it is time to move forward once more. If we can not forget or forgive, we can at least move past, taking what we have learned and progressing in a hopes of saving our Mother.

He also find the nation suffering, far to many Garou have forgotten they were created to serve the will of Gaia, and instead look to increase their personal power and act out of self interest. This infighting between tribe and breed has had a dear cost, and while garou bicker among themselves, the wrym continues to grow stronger. In hope of unifying the Garou internally, and uniting them externally with the Fera, Monroe and his pack have started a camp called the "Servants of Gaia". This is a camp that is not limited to any particular tribe, nor does it take the place of any existing camps it's members belong to... It merely is a camp of like minded individuals who understand the healing and saving of Gaia supersedes any personal goals or desires... true strength is found in unity AND diversity...

Due to his beliefs and his work toward unity of all of the Changing Breeds, in 2009 Monroe was named Ambassador to the Ahadi by the High King Albrect, an honor which Monroe has pursue with the same undying conviction he is know for.

Married briefly to AJ Addison, sister of Silas Addison, who died in a car crash in 2010 just outside of London, England... Monroe has taken on the role of single parent to their son, Hunter.

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