Sept of the Broken Arrow

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Chronicle: Hartford: Dogs of War

Location IC: Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT

Sept Totem: Harrier

Sept Type: Honor

Tribal Make-up: Mixed. Originally a Purelander Caern, but was controlled by Silver Fangs and Fenrir by the Second World War.



Alpha: Jacob Breaks the Bonds

Beta: Maxwell Powers

Warder: Isayama Yoshimitsu

Guardians: Tod Brings-the-Rain, Wears the Red Sleeves and Rog of the JunkYard (NPC)

Master of the Challenge:

Keeper of the Lands: Eleana "Spritual-Fire" Kaligaris

Rite Master:


Den Parent:

Truthcatcher: Maxwell Powers

Council of Elders:


Before the arrival of the European Tribes, the Hammonasset Caern was linked with two other Caerns, at Sleeping Giant, and at Devil's Hopyard. Together, the power of the three Purelander Caerns maintained a prison at Sleeping Giant, where the Uktena had bound an ancient evil.

By World War 2, the Hammonasset Sept, under the Totem Badb - also known as the Norns, the Furies or the Morrigan - was led by the Silver Fang Jasper Morningkill. Morningkill and his best friend, a Fenrir named Von Jaeger, both competed for the hand of a woman named Alexandra, who was kin to the Silver Fangs. Jealous and enraged, Von Jaeger fell to the Wyrm.

On VE Day, 1945, the fallen Von Jaeger led an assault on the Caern. Jasper had bound one of the three aspects of the Sept Totem into his Klaive, so that even if the Sept fell, one aspect of the triple-totem would remain pure. The Silver Fang Alpha died thrusting his Klaive into the heart of his former friend, and the Sept, devastated, would slumber for over seventy years. Jasper and Alexandra's daughter, Sasha Morningkill, kept watch, alone, over the fragments of the Klaive and the sleeping Caern, until 2017, when Valerie Von Jaegar began gathering a force of Black Spirals and corrupted Spirits. Eventually, the Sept of the Broken Spear defeated her and her minions.

After the fall of the Sept of the Lost Arrow, the survivors merged with the Sept of the Broken Spear. As there were not enough Garou to defend all three interlinked Caerns, the decision was made to move the Devil's Hopyard Caern to Hammonasset and merge the two places of power. With the aid of an Elder Stargazer, the Garou fought through a fierce winter Blizzard, travelling by foot south to their new home. Along the way, they were assaulted by minions of the Green Court of Fomorians, and eventually, a young Zmei.

By the end of the Storm, the Hammonasset Sept was a Caern once again - now under the patronage of Harrier.

The Sept spent the winter and spring preparing to deal with Ikthorheb, the wyrm-spawned child of the Zmei Goluko. In the summer of 2019, they successfully bound the young Zmei under the site of the old Devil's Hopyard Caern, with aid from Garou as far away as the midwest territories of House Unbreakable Hearth, including the Sept of Three Horizons. During the battle, the Fomorian Red Court launched an assault on Storm of Rage that led to Macie Demon's Bane sacrificing herself to destroy the corrupted, cybernetic shell that had once been Becca, former mate of Trent Hunt with Loki. The Fenrir Elder's spirit could not pass on to the realm of her Ancestors until the Red Heralds had been hunted down and destroyed, a task finally accomplished a month later in a titanic battle.

Active Members:

Alyona Larionova

Answers the Call

Cole Haningmar "Whisper of Spring Hands of Autumn"

Eleana "Spritual-Fire" Kaligaris

Gwenevere von Heilgrund

Heaps of Trouble

Inkeri Völundr

Isayama Yoshimitsu

Kelly "Nemesis Adrateia" Santos



Mat Strider

Maverick Sayers

Maxwell Powers

Mushashi Walks the Narrow Path


Nick "Speaks to Data" Gali

Reiner Jorgunssen

Richard Red Leaf "Quiet Riot"

Siobhan Hunts the Night Tierney


Zach "Striking Thunder" Mandos

Inactive Members:

Jacob Breaks The Bonds

Deceased Members:

Alex Burns the Past

August Mathias Locklear

Collin Sings with the Morrigan

Macie Rends the Wyrm

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