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All around the world, hidden in secret places in the wilderness or hiding in the parks of cities, high atop massive skyscrapers or deep within crumbling buildings, there are places of power that the Garou recognize as sacred to Mother Gaia. These sacred places are called caerns, for they originally were piles of stones dedicated to the honored dead of the Garou. Now they are more than that. A caern serves as a gathering point for all the Garou in an area. If a moot is to be held, it will be held at a caern. If a caern is held by the Garou, most likely it will be held by a sept. A sept is a group of Garou who take and hold a caern against the Wyrm. Each sept has traditional offices that are usually filled by the most capable Garou around— although in these days, it is difficult to find a competent Garou for every position.

Here are the Septs that exist or have existed in the OWBN organization. If you are from one of these septs, please feel free to log-in and edit the information.

Current Septs

Sky Haven

Sept of A-Minor

Sept of the Ancient Harvest

Sept of the Golden Obelisk

Sept of the Blazing Forge

Sept of the Broken Kneecap

Sept of the Broken Spear

Sept of the Crashing Waves

Sept of the Crimson Twilight

Sept of Falling Waters

Sept of the Far Seeing Glass

Sept of the Fox's Den

Sept of Gaia's Blessing

Sept of Gaia's Gateways

Sept of Gaia's Hope and Memory

Sept of the Green

Sept of the Hidden Flame

Sept of the I-80 Caern

Sept of Knotted Waters

Sept of the Last Dream (FL)

Sept of the Last Dream (MI)

Sept of the Mended Shell

Sept of the Red Moon Rising

Sept of Raven's Caw

Sept of the Savage Valley

Sept of the Stars

Sept of the still Waters

Sept of the Stone Heart

Sept of the Thunderous Approach

Sept of the Vigilant Light

Sept of the Veiled Valley

Sept of Whispered Oaths

Sept of the Opened Door

Wheel of Ptah

Septs/Caerns that are no more


Sept of the Awakened Spirit

Sept of the Black Fang

Sept of the Cloudwalkers

Sept of the Flying Rose

Sept of the Four Winds

Sept of the Hollowed Bones

Sept of the Hungry Trees

Sept of the Iron Mountain

Sept of the Machine

Sept of the Sleeping Giant

Sept of Summer Festivus

Sept of the Thin Blue Line (Milwaukee NPC)

Sept of Urban Renewal

Sept of the Wyld Springs

Sept of the Whispering Dragon


Aurora Hive

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