The Granite Pack

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Pack Members:

Gwenevere von Heilgrund
Maxwell Powers - Beta, Bonegnawer Philodox
Nick "Speaks to Data" Gali- Glasswalker Theurge
Richard Red Leaf "Quiet Riot"- Omega, Wendigo Ragabash
Wind Rippled Snow on a Clear Winter's Night - Alpha, Silver Fang Ahroun

Pack Totem: Granite

Former Members:

Veda, on and off


Granite Pack formed in the winter of 2015, at the Sept of the Broken Spear, with Ripple as Alpha and Nick "Speaks to Data" Gali, of the Glass Walkers, as Beta. The Pack was rounded out by Maxwell Powers "Sparky, Bear Heart" of the Bonegnawers and Richard Red Leaf "Quiet Riot" of the Wendigo, and within a month of their formation they formally added Gwenevere von Heilgrund, Kin to the Get of Fenris. In those early days, the Pack traveled to the Battlegrounds to appease Loki, fought Skin Dancers in Boston, spent an afternoon drinking Ouzo in Greece after being turned away from a Black Fury Sept, and even gained the favor of the Great Human Barber. If they are in a good mood when asked, they may even be coaxed to tell the tale of The Quest For Red Leaf's Manhood, when they journeyed to California to earn the favor of a Bear.

In the five years that have passed since then, Granite Pack has survived much: the war in New York, battles against the Fomorian Green Prince and the Zmei Ikthorheb, and travels to many a strange Umbral Realm, from Pangaea to the Homelands of multiple Tribes, and the realms of several Celestines. Nick is no longer active, and Max has taken his place as Beta, but every member of the original Pack is still alive, a point of pride among the short-lived Garou.

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