The Tale of the Defeat of Skeezy Pete

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Oct 15, 2007 - Tale sung by Kenneth Kier, Forges The Spirit, Silverfang, Homid, Theurge

"The end of September brought to close many things, one of those things was the life of a Venom, The following is the events from my own eyes."

"Kermit 'Sleeps in Blood', Alpha of Venom's Children, came to Steve and Silas, The acting Warleader and Sept Beta, he came with information many have searched for, Information on the Venoms..."

"Information in hand, the members of the sept who were of rank gathered leaving the kin, cubs and warders behind, i must admit i was proud of this sept and Gaia's warriors then, there was no bickering, there was unification. The plan was laid out, There would be two teams, One would consist of, Steve "Quells the Rage", Thadeus Fitzgerald "Wired Heart", Kermit, Anna "Truth's Gentle Peace", Kenneth Kier "Forges the Spirit". The second team would consist of Lucky, Knox "Sells the Bridge", Michael Black "Street Pizza", and Ghoti 'Lal Delass'. The teams had their orders and set out under the cover of the uktena."

"We crossed into the umbra, and set out to aurora, upon arrival Steve and the ragabash set out to survey, they came back with the information on their just being 4 fomori umbra the order was given to go through with the plan, The ragabash and Steve crossed into the real making visual contact with "Skeezy Pete" now known as "Silky", Knox relayed the orders to go behind the building and cross from the umbra to his team, Giving Myself and Ghoti the orders of watching the umbral incase he tried to escape."

"Fitz attempted to calm "Silky" taking the social Alpha strike against the spiral, but was forced to roll over due to the Dancer using his twisted version of Gaia's gifts. This started the physical conflict causing Kermit to be the first to physicaly act, grabing ahold of one of "Silky"'s arms Kermit drew on the power of adder to wither his arm, as Steve attempted to draw his attention with arrows, while Lucky made the same attempt with Moltov's, the damage delt to the spiral seemed to be shrugged off and he continued his defence"

""Silky" then struck Kermit with his cane causing him to pop into the umbra where the fomori lashed out at him, and I came in, droping from the cloak of shadows casted upon me and delt the first of many blows to come on the fomori. Kermit managed to escape their wrath while they were destracted and returned to the real as i delt with the 4 fomori."

"While Kermit was gone, Knox entered through the back door attempting to shoot the Dancer as Lucky threw another explosive bottle in the dancers direction. Unfortunately for Kermit he returned mid explosion. the dancer responded to Knox first by attempting to hit him with the same cane as he had done before to Kermit. That was the last time the spiral would get to use that fetish as [Silas Michael Knox Addison|Knox]] removed the spirit from within it, and it was also the last time the spiral got to shrug off the damage delt by our team"

"The spiral sensing his defeat attempted to turn into shadow but was met with an attack from the sept Great-Klaive held by Steve. It successfully goaded the spiral into attacking him, In a fit of rage and fury Steve and "Silky" exchanged blows, Steve barely able to hold the Athro off."

"As a last minute charge, Michael Black came in and dealt the one final blow to "Silky" as he howled for his pack. Fitz exerted a good amount of rage making sure the Dancer would not come back as Lucky threw his last bomb into the BSD, Anna began using the healing Talons made by myself and Fitz to heal the damages done to Steve, Kermit, and everyone involved that proved life threatening. In the end, the head was removed from the body by Steve as the order to retreat was sent as the howls of the remaining Venoms grew near."

"Fitz crossed into the umbra as i finished striking down the 3rd fomori and showed Gaia's wrath to the remaining fomori, the rage leaking out of him and the will to fight nearly kept him there as Knox draged him away. The rest of the team crossed into the umbra and we returned to the sept. The skin burnt from "Silky"'s Skull and then placed into a basket of bones to be cleansed was given to Kermit, a war trophy for his find and assistance in taking down the Black Spiral Dancer."

"That is the unity i want and wish from this sept. That is what i expect from everyone that calls themselves garou. This is what every garou should live up to. Fighting the wyrm and winning, returning with no losses."

"The Skulls of our Enemy's will be piled as trophies under our feet"

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