Wind Rippled Snow on a Clear Winter's Night

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Name: Wind-Rippled-Snow-On-A-Clear-Winter's-Night / James Thynne Fairfax

Deed Name: White-Fire

Titles: Grand Duke, Pack Alpha

Rank: Elder

Sept: Bath, UK

Pack: The Granite Pack

Tribe: Silver Fang

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Ahroun

House: Austere Howl

Camp: Sun Lodge

Battle Scars: A bite-mark in the shape of two perfect crescent moons over his left eye, an improperly set collarbone, a dagger wound over his heart, bullet wounds on his torso, deeps scars on his left leg, and a claw mark over his heart.

Kinfolk: Gwenevere von Heilgrund (Wife & Mate), Ariana Kass Thynne Fairfax (Daughter, born 3/2017), Julian Thorsen Thynne Fairfax (Son, born 6/10/2019), Dapple (Mother), various wolves in Quebec, Canada; Dr. Elizabeth Morningkill

Ancestors: Lord Henry Thynne Fairfax, "Midnight Dawn", Theurge of Houses Austere Howl and Wyrmfoe; Lord John Fitzwilliam, Ahroun of House Austere Howl; Sasha Morningkill, Galliard of House Wyrmfoe; Sebastian Light Through the Darkness, Ragabash of House Austere Howl; and Dances with Devils, Theurge of House Austere Howl



Lord Henry Thynne Fairfax, "Midnight Dawn"

The entire Garou Nation knows the story of the corruption and fall of House Austere Howl. How Queen Mary came to power and attempted to purge the infernal elements from the British House of Silver Fangs, until her own lover was revealed to be infernal, and House Gleaming Eye began their purge moving against the British Silver Fangs from mainland Europe.

After briefly gaining sanctuary with the Fianna in Ireland, Queen Mary and the remnants of the House went into hiding. One of those who fled the purge was Lord Henry Thynne Fairfax, "Midnight Dawn," a Theurge Elder who lost all of his kin to the depredations of the infernalists and Redjack. After swearing fealty to House Wyrmfoe in exchange for protection, Fairfax went to Forillon National Park, in the north of Quebec, Canada, where he found peace for a time living solely as a wolf among a wild pack and forgetting about his past.

Rite of Passage


In April of 2013, a litter of cubs was born in Fairfax's wolf pack during a full moon. His Gifts indicated that one of the pups had bred true. With a mixture of pride and sorrow, he used the Rite: Baptism of Fire to bind an Osprey Kin-Fetch to one of the pups. In January of 2015, Wind-Rippled-Snow-On-A-Clear-Winter's-Night, one of Fairfax's cubs, went through his first change. Reluctantly, his father taught him the Litany and a bare minimum of knowledge of Garou culture, then performed the Rite of Passage on his son. For the Rite of Passage, Ripple was tasked to travel to Helios and return with a sign of the favor of Katanka-Sonnak, one of the aspects of Helios.

After wandering for nearly a month in the Umbra, Ripple was finally able to reach the Umbral Sun with the aid of his Kin-Fetch and Lord John Fitzwilliam, an Ahroun Ancestor of House Austere Howl from the Dark Ages. Lord John spoke to Ripple in his dreams, showing him how to traverse the Aetherial Umbra. Once there, he was nearly killed by Solar Flares and the Elementals who serve the Celestine. In the citadel of Hyperion, however, he gained a mark of favor to show upon his return to his father: the Gift, Flame of the Wind Rider.

Wind-Rippled-Snow-On-A-Clear-Winter's-Night finally arrived back to Forillon, where his father declared his Rite of Passage complete, gave him the deed name "White-Fire," and inducted him into House Wyrmfoe. His father spends the next several months continuing Ripple's instruction in the ways of the Garou, and gave him the ape-name "James Thynne Fairfax." At his father's urging, Ripple eventually set out to learn more of the Ape-world and join a Sept, ranging throughout eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States for several months.

The Sept of the Broken Spear

Ripple arrived at the Sept of the Broken Spear in the winter of 2015, having first visited the Sept of the Lost Arrow in Boston, which he found too urban for his liking. He began to spend time with a group of other Cliath and Kin, journeying together on several quests into the Umbra and forays into the ape-world. Within a few months, the Granite Pack had coalesced, with Ripple as Alpha and his new friend Nick "Speaks to Data" Gali, of the Glass Walkers, as Beta. The Pack was rounded out by Maxwell Powers "Sparky, Bear Heart" of the Bonegnawers and Richard Red Leaf "Quiet Riot" of the Wendigo, and within a month of their formation they formally added Gwenevere von Heilgrund, Kin to the Get of Fenris. In those early days, the Pack traveled to the Battlegrounds to appease Loki, fought Skin Dancers in Boston, spent an afternoon drinking Ouzo in Greece after being turned away from a Black Fury Sept, and even gained the favor of the Great Human Barber.

At Beltane, 2016, at the Sept of the Hidden Flame, the Pack was at the center of a controversy regarding the Fera. They successfully escorted Anthony "Stonebear" Princeton to the event so that he could stand trial for his actions regarding Christopher St.John, but that wasn't the end of things: accusations between members of the Pack and a Bastet named Auron flew fast and furious, beginning on Friday evening and continuing through much of the day Saturday, centered around Ripple's packmate, the Fenrir Kin Gwen. By the end of the weekend, things seemed to have been settled enough for the Pack to join the rest of the gathered Garou in their assault on the chthonic entity beneath the land, a battle in which the Garou Nation was victorious.


During the summer of 2016, Ripple and Gwen told the rest of their Pack of their intention to formally take each other as Mates, and that they were expecting a child. However, Gwen's Bastet half-brother, Auron, refused to accept her choice, eventually fighting her father, Thorsen, at the Sept of the Broken Spear on the same day Ripple made his Challenge for Adren - the date the Mating Ceremony was to take place. As Gwen watched the fight, torn between concern for her brother and father, the stress caused her to undergo a first change. In the process, she lost the child.

Unable to bear the pain of the loss, Gwen petitioned the Spirits of her Tribe for relief. They offered to take away her pain - and her memories of the pregnancy, and her time as Ripple's lover. That day, Ripple kissed the woman he loved for the last time. Unfortunately, even this wasn't enough to keep Gwen from despair after her brother attempted suicide, and she was possessed by a servant of the Nameless Angel, the Maeljin Incarna of Despair. Ripple refused to let the powerful spirit - a Valkyrie of Despair - which had inhabited her escape with her body, pursuing her in a running battle which eventually led back to his birthplace in Canada, where the spirit threw both Ripple and his father into a frenzy. Focusing on the love he felt for Gwen, Ripple was able to wrest himself from his frenzy, though he suffered a battle scar from his father before he could drag Gwen's possessed body away through the snow. While Max was able to calm his father, Ripple summoned the Fenrir Norn Spirits, who took Gwen away, promising that while they could not eject the corrupted Ancestor Spirit from Gwen, they could give her a chance to free herself. In return, they demanded Ripples promise that if she could not be saved, he would be the one to end her life.

Just before Beltaine, Gwen returned, still possessed by the corrupted spirit. Ripple gave all of his connection to Gaia in a desperate attempt to cleanse her, and it seems to have worked.

Athro Challenge & Controversy

On Beltaine of 2017, at the Sept of the Hidden Flame, Ripple Challenged Falcon's Claws for the Rank of Athro. Over the next six moons, his task led him back and forth across North America, to Elders of every other Tribe. He fought for Mother Larissa at a Caern Building in the Pine Barrens, and carried the skull of a Silver Fang fallen to the Wyrm from the battlefield at the Sept of Fate Reforged, after the victory over a Talon of the Wyrm. He lived as a human in the city of Middletown, CT, for an entire moon, abiding by the High Ban. He traveled with Siobhan Defies the Red God across the Atlantic to Britain, where they redeemed the spirits of their ancestors and returned with an ancient Fianna Klaive. He followed an Elder of the Pure Tribes into the Battlegrounds, to watch with his own eyes as his ancestors slaughtered the Uktena, Wendigo, and their Kin. He did these things, and more; but as the final days of the Challenge drew to a close, there was one Tribe that would not aid him: the Black Furies.

Something - it is not to be discussed - happened between Ripple, Gwen, the Black Furies, and the Bastet. The matter was settled by the High King, and a commandment to not discuss what happened any further went out across the Nation. But Ripple's Challenge still was not settled; in Greece, the Black Fury Elder Sacred Spring refused to face him on the Challenge Mound, and it is clear that whatever may have been settled by King Albrecht, the grudge between Ripple and the Black Furies remains.

Finally, after facing the Alpha of the Sept of the Hidden Flame across her own Challenge Mound over the issue, Ripple's new rank was acknowledged.

The Fall of Boston

In September of 2018, Ilya Death Wolf's Fang turned to the service of the Green Court of Fomorians. He destroyed the Sept of Fate Reforged in Boston, slaughtering many of its defenders, including Siobhan, before kidnapping Thalia from the Sept of the Broken Spear. While the Sept searched for Thalia, Ripple stepped up to the position of Sept Alpha, and now facing the prospect of having to confront his former mentor and idol across the field of battle.

After helping to make peace between the Faerie Kingdom of Grass and the Garou Nation at the Ard Righ's Samhain gathering in Silver Tara, Ripple was recognized as an Elder of the Nation, having completed the Challenge given him by his father to 'make peace and end a disagreement which threatens both Garou and another kind.' A multi-pronged assault on the forces of the Green Fomorians succeeded in rescuing Thalia, at the cost of both Cameron and Adrian's lives - and the Green Prince ripped Gwen's wolf from her, leaving her a Kinfolk once again.

Simultaneously, the Sept faced not only the Green Court of Fomorians, but a young Zmei as well: Ikthorhob, son of Goluko, birthed through the twisted experiments of Pentex.

The Sept of the Broken Arrow

With the survivors of the Sept of the Lost Arrow joining the Devil's Hopyard Caern, and the losses incurred fighting against the Green Court of Fomorians, Ripple argued to the Council of Elders that there were not enough Garou to defend 3 Caerns in Connecticut. With the assistance of a Stargazer Elder, the Heart of the Caern was moved to Hammonasset, to re-awaken the Caern which had lain dormant there since World War II.

The new Sept of the Broken Arrow won its first victories against the forces of the Green Prince, rescuing Thaia Drakos, and against the Zmei Ikthorhob, binding it in a massive battle at Devil's Hopyard, before becoming embroiled in a campaign against the forces of the Wyrm that had taken the Sept of the Green, in New York. Finding more and more of his time split between the was, and Bath, England, where his wife and children had moved to be away from the fighting, Ripple eventually stepped down from the position of Sept Alpha, after a year and a half, in the winter of 2020.

Grand Duke

Now, Ripple travels to where his attention is drawn, helping local Septs when they are in need, with an eye toward coordinating the resources of House Austere Howl, the Silver Fang Tribe, and the Nation - particularly when threats emerge that are beyond the scope of a single Sept. He recently devoted a great deal of time to the renewal of the ancient seals beneath the Sept of Forgotten War, as well as a quest for the Celestine Helios, and now he is focused on the rumors that Baba Yaga has risen again in the homelands of his Tribe...


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