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Name: Macie Kern Deed Name: Rends-the-Wyrm, Forces-the-Dragon, Baptized-by-fire Titles: Pack Beta, Council of Elders: Get of Feneris Rank: Adren Sept: Sept of the Broken Spear, under Phoenix Pack: Cracks the Bone, under Wolverine Tribe: Get of Fenris Breed: Homid Auspice: Ahroun Camp: The Valkyria of Freya Kinfolk: Mate: Jorgen Sigurdarson: Jorgen has been described as the ideal Nordic man (think Alexander Skarsgard). They were an arranged mating by her mother but it has evolved into a loving relationship. His English is so/so but he excellent with building construction and is a skilled swordsman. Children: Astrid Sigurdarson-Kern: Born under the new moon on December 5th 2010

                 Elka Sigurdarson-Kern: Born under the half moon on April 3rd 2013

Grandmother: Loran Alder: Macie grandmother on her father side. She raised Macie since her first changed. Loran is Jewish.

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