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"I am trash talked by many and hated by some. The fucks that I give are still far less than 1."
Milla [Chicago New Moon Rising, March 2016]

The Basics


Deed Name: "Child of Untainted Hope"
Sept: Sept of Awen's Blessing
Pack: Member of Crisis Averted under Daedon
Rank: Adren
Tribe: Silver Fang
Auspice: Galliard
Breed: Homid
Fetishes: "Soon. #SOON."
Contact: Milla's Phone


Height: 5'7
Weight/Build: Skinny bitch, probably could be used as a paperweight except in strong winds.
Hair Color: Dirty blondish, brownish. Sometimes blue
Eye Color: Blue, covered by glasses. Something about not being able to see without them.
Apparent Age: 18 [11 / 07 / 1997]
Veil Cover Up: "I'm an 18 year old trust fund baby."

But First, Let me take a Selfie

Milla is a lanky 18 year old girl who self admittedly looks twelve. It's very very hard not to notice her genealogical background because, despite the fact she's dyed her hair every color of the rainbow and back again, her eyes and facial structure can never be hidden enough to deny the fact she's got the blood of the Motherland in her veins. She wears glasses, same as all of her siblings, but tends to dress in a mix between grunge, hot topic clearance racks, and street punk. It's not known if she can actually dress like a proper silver fang or not. Her hair is usually down or braided. Rumor has it she can't stand loose braids and will pull them out and bribe someone to do them tighter, because reasons.

Milla tends to keep her cards to herself. She's an obnoxious little shit, that's pretty obvious from the moment she opens her mouth, but her true motiviations aren't easily shared. She's not very well liked by her tribe as a result. Or by most people.
Relevant Traits: (Charismatic x4 Convincing x3 Discerning x3 Magnetic x4 Intense x3)
Relevant Merits: (Enchanting Voice, Natural Linguist)

All About Me

"We will never forget the days we spent in tears. All we can do is just kept counting those long nights that never end. No matter how far our future may seem, we are strong enough; we'll never lose!"
"I'm annoying. I'm a bullheaded brat who doesn't like to be told no and you better believe I have enough Daddy issues to fill two best selling memoirs. There are certain areas of the nation where me just walking up to a group of people is enough to piss them off beyond repair cuz Gaia, do I start shit. It's always got a point or a purpose but, it doesn't make me Regina George. Not even in the slightest. Sometimes, I think that people are right when they say I need to clean up my act but, then I remember that I'm doing what I'm doing for a reason and if this haterade, this orange flavored haterade, is what I need to be, if hat's what Gaia needs me to be, then that's what I'm going to be."
"I'm a Galliard. I think a lot of people misunderstand my auspice. We aren't just kindle ebook readers that spew out what we're given. We're Tale Spinners. Weavers of Fragments. Honestly? Stories want to write themselves. We don't really write them. We weave the pieces that already exist into a tapestry that is our tale. If we leave out threads, if we leave out things out, we don't tell the story the way it's meant to be told. Not every story has a happy ending. Most don't even have a bad ending. Most endings are horrible. Most endings are painful. Because life? Life is cruel. And if we forget that, we're not doing our brothers and sisters favors. Because we're supossed to take every thread. Every thread, be it a painful thread or a comforting thread, and we're supposed to make sure they all get into the tale. No exceptions."

make me a mix tape baby | IC tracklist

without the dark, we'd never see the stars. [magic exists]
an old cliche
Get Better by Frank Turner
Cry for Judas by The Mountain Goats
Through the Pain by Madina Lake
Here for a Reason by Ashes Remain
Write it Down by Nine Lashes
Seventeen Ain't So Sweet - RJA
Everywhere I go by New Politics
Never Giving Up by Of Mice and Men
Kings by Tribe Society
Spiral (Robbie Bronnimann Remix) by Andy Hunter feat. Beth Bullock
Untraveled Road by TFK
Elastic Heart by Sia
Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine
Break in Case of Emergancy by Great Collapse
Kingpin by Jake Bugg
Nantes by Beirut
Who do you love? by Mariana's Trench
They weren't there by Missy Higgins
Nothing Stays the Same by Luke Stigal-Singh
A New Hope by Broken Iris
When you grow up by Priscilla Ann
Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva
Stay out by Nina Nesbitt
Reluctant Heroes by MPI
Tomorrow is gonna be better by Joshua Radin
Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu
The Mute by Radical Face
Answer to No One by Colt Ford feat. JJ Lawhorn

the ways the strings bind us


  • Falcon's Claws | "They've been killing children and nobody seems to care. They've been laughing at my God, my God, I wouldn't dare."
  • Howls | "We're on the one road, sharing the one load, we're on the road to God knows where. We're on the one road, it may be the wrong road, but we're together now who cares?
  • LG | "Wikked lil' grrrls, kiss the boys and make them cry, raisin' double trouble everytime we pass them by, some might say we're wikked lil' grrrls"



  • Jake | "I’m not alone to fight the world I’m in. You gave me hope for better days. I was searching for a friend like no other, I never thought you’d come my way"
  • Kevin | "Lay down underneath the stars, listen to papa's translations of the stories across the sky. We drew our own constellations"


  • Catherine | "The tragedy, it seems unending. I'm watching everyone I looked up to breaking, bending. We're taking shortcuts and false solutions just to come out the hero"
  • Calvin | "That day, you changed me and you made my past, my past. All I know is I'm not going back"


  • Carter | "It's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive."
  • Terrance | "I feel the love and I feel it burn. Down this river, every turn. Hope is a four-letter word."
  • Soren | "Morale and discipline unites them. A common faith to keep them strong"
  • Michael 'Gold Star' Underwood | "before we depart, let’s leave a mark ‘cause light shines brighter in the dark"
  • Cahira "But if ever I stray from the path I follow, take me down to the English Channel, throw me in where the water is shallow and then drag me on back to shore!"


  • Silas Michael Knox Addison | "You may not like all I have to say but you can't prove that everything is filled with empty words"

Nah, just die

  • Nikolai | "I know you're lyin cause your lips are movin' Tell me do you think I'm dumb? I might be young but I ain't stupid. Baby, don't ya know I'm done?"
  • not!Admin | "Walk in the room they throwing shade left to right. They be like, "Ooh, she's serving face." And I just tell 'em, cut me up, and get down"


  • Mariah | "If I could kill you I would, but it's frowned upon in all fifty states." [DECEASED]
  • Maggie | "I will scream to the sky, "Gaians live here." [DECEASED]
  • Cassandra | "If we had met in a different time, in a different place, could we have been friends?" [EREBUS]
  • Dorian | "Hey Mr. DoucheBag, why's your ego so massive? You know it's 2 AM and it's dark outside. You don't need those sunglasses." [AWAY]
  • Odette | 'One question haunts and hurts, too much, too much to mention. Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?' [AWAY]

Quotes from Milla

Milla [Dead Yet Dreaming, November 2015]
  • "...ugh I need to wash my mouth out with bourbun. Get that taste of responsibility out of my mouth."

  • "I'll let you know when I give a fuck."


  • "I'm sorry, while you were busying shitting all over the Stargazers, they were busy fighting for your freedom. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night."

  • "I won't tell a story that's missing pages."

  • "Felicia, I have exactly zero time for you right now."
  • "Who's Felicia?"
  • "Bye Felicia~"

  • "Did you just tell the Sept Alpha to fuck off?"
  • "Yup."
  • ".....why?"
  • "Because sometimes doing the right thing, for the better good, is worth the consequences."

  • "Sure, she may've fallen off the edge to the Wyrm, but we took her by the hand and led her there."

  • "Technically I didn't go against your word. I just found a loophole."

  • "This is my story. It'll go the way I want it or I'll end it by my own hands."

  • "Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams.”

  • “We are sorry for the inconvenience, but THIS IS A REVOLUTION!”


  • ""I need an outside perspective like woah and you apparently don't walk around with the silver crown wedged firmly up your ass.'"

  • ""We care more about the color of the skin of our tribe mates than we do about what they've inherited from Falcon. We no longer care if they can act like a leader. Behave like a leader. Lead like a leader. We only care if they look the part."

  • "Do you want Skins the Grape to show up at your home? Because that's how you get Skins the Grape to show up at your doorstep."

Quotes About Milla

  • "One thing I do know is that neither of us will know until Milla tells us the story herself."

  • "This is getting a bit too preachy...and I'm saying that as a Child of Gaia."


  • Milla is secretly a Child of Gaia
  • Milla was a Ragabash who renounced to avoid consequences.
  • Milla isn't actually Garou at all.
  • Milla is a surly lighthouse keeper with a lantern and an eye patch, running from her past

Inspirations & Playlists


Milla [September 2015]

media influences

Penny (The Rescuers)
Yuna (FFX)
Misuzu (Air)
Satoko (Higurashi)
Ellie (Last of us)
Elphaba (Wicked)
Rose (Gypsy)


my tongue got stuck to the icicle
when i licked it; and when i
touched the candle flame
my fingers came away red and blistered.

this could be a poem about
savage beauty and the danger
inherent in nature.

instead it's about people,
and how they're always
touching the things that
they shouldn't.
-- elsabeth hewer

Happiness, you see, its just an illusion of Fate, a heavenly sleight of hand designed to make you believe in fairy tales.
But there’s no happily ever after. You’ll only find happy endings in books. Some books.
-- Ellen Hopkins

But, more importantly, you
are a gift, to all who know
you, whether or not they realize
it. If they don't, they are blind.
You have a special place in this
world. All you have to do is find it.
Do not give up on yourself, on
the truths you have realized.
Do not give in to those who
would crush your dreams like
nutshells. And never turn
away from forever love.
Burned by Ellen Hopkins

There’s only one difference between heroes and madmen, It’s whether they win, or lose.
-- Lambdadelta

There is nothing that is not healed with time, and there is no truth that cannot be reached if you spend enough time searching.
However, all trials have a limited time in which the truth must be decided.
Therefore, a truth that cannot be reached within that limited time cannot become truth.
In this world… There is no truth.
The truth is made later on and overwrites what comes before it.
Real truth doesn’t exist anywhere
-- Ryu07

At the first time, I do my best to try again
against the inevitable tragedy.

In the second time, I become disgusted
towards the inevitable tragedy.

The third time, disgust is overwhelmed into painfulness.
But by the seventh time, this all becomes a farce comedy.
-Frederica Bernkastel

Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks.
Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don't let them take you ALIVE.
Sid Vicious

Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope
Mick Jagger

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope
Martin Luther

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality
Jonas Salk

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes you just have to accept what happened, smile and move on

All the hatred in this world makes me wish I wasn’t human.

Stop acting
so fucking wounded.
The only person
that can pick you up,
push back your shoulders,
wipe the tears,
mend the broken bones
and get you out of your slump
is you.
Now go and live,
there is so much to be
happy about.

I learned to practice smiling when I'm sad, you know? I know it's hard. Still, I want my journey to be full of laughter."
Yuna, FFX


freedom [don't tell me it doesn't matter]


fragment [will you give up? or will you reach for your miracle]


fragment [it's not easy, but it's what has to be done]


ghosts [nobody knows me at all]


anarchy [everyone needs a little bit of anarchy]


Fuck this shit i'm out by The Theme Song
Do you hear the people sing? by Les Miserables
Conman Coming by Monica Heldal
Thanks for nothing - The Downtown Fiction
long live the kids by we are the in crowd
Gun by Chvrches
Bad Karma by Ida Marina
This is the house that doubt built by A Day to Remember
The Pheonix by Fall out Boy
False Pretense by Red Jumpsuit Aparatus
Only the Strong by Flaw
image of the invisible by thrice
The New Black by Moon Taxi
The Vengeful One by Disturbed
Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park
Betray by Minor Threat
the coldest heart by the classic crime
Anything by Hedley
Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums by Perfect Circle
Courtesy Call - TFK

Восстание января [fucking fight me already]

january revolt

Gotta Go by Agnostic Front
At The Least I'm Known For Something by New Found Glory
You Want A Battle (Here's A War) by Bullet For My Valentine
Queen Of The World by Ida Maria
Throne by Bring Me The Horizon
Gasoline by Halsey
Russian Roulette by Tungevaag & Raaban X Charlie Who
Bombastic by Bonnie Mc Kee
All This Could Be Yours by Cold War Kids
A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes
Sick Cycle Carousel by Life House
I Found by Amber Run

courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality [and if i can't find it, i'll make it myself]
Shifting Gears
One Girl Revolution by Superchick
Hey Devil by tobyMac
5 Minutes of Fame by Barlow Girl
These Walls by Trapt
Some Nights by .fun
Those Nights by Skillet
Swaying (ユラユラ) by Soraru
Gypsy Girl (What Love Is) by Everyday Sunday
Defying Gravity (Original Cast Recording/2003) by Wicked
Hero (Red Pill Mix) by Superchick
Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy
You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring
The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Fall Goliath Fall by Project 86
Not Ready To Die by Demon Hunter
I See Fire by Ed Sheeran | Peter Hollens
Wind's Nocturne - Lunar Silver Star

OOC Information

Player: Dora Jay
Location: Iowa.
STs: Past is Prologue
Other PCs: Lotta Jokela
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